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How to Funnel Your Way to Conversion Success?

Mastering Sales Funnels: Conversion Success Strategies

Thursday, November 30th 2023 - 03:00 PM (EST)

Duration: 60 minutes



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  • The webinar will do a deep dive into:-
  • Defining and Standardizing Funnel Metrics: How to capture your sales funnel definition and understand key metrics to monitor at each stage.
  • Optimizing Conversions through ICP Segmentation: Optimize your funnel for different ICPs through segmentation and personalization.
  • Boosting Awareness and Interest Stages: Strategies for improving awareness and interest, including content marketing and lead generation.
  • Effective Lead Nurturing Techniques: Discover the techniques and methods for nurturing leads from the interest stage to decision, focusing on and personalized content.
  • Addressing Friction Points for Higher Conversions: Identify and overcome significant friction points to make your funnel less leaky and optimize conversion rates.

  • This webinar is ideal for startup c-suites, business leaders, CMOs, marketing & sales professionals, and anyone interested in improving sales funnel conversion for growth.

  • Got a Busy Schedule?

    If you can't attend the live event, don't worry! We'll provide a recording of the webinar for registered participants.


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    CEO of Aryng

    Piyanka Jain, CEO of Aryng, is a renowned thought leader in data, analytics, and AI. She is passionate about empowering businesses to embrace data-driven decision-making. She leads Aryng's SWAT Data Science team, solving intricate business challenges and delivering rapid ROI.