Data Literacy that delivers real business impact.

We partner with business leaders to implement a strategy that includes assessments, training, and hands-on projects. Go from understanding data to having a data-driven mindset that leads to quantifiable business impact in a matter of weeks.

What is Data Literacy?

It is more than understanding charts or arguing with data. In 2023 and beyond, it is the ability to create new business value through data.

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The problems you encounter

"We don’t understand our customers’ need"

“My analytics team is not driving the impact they should”

“My line managers are scared of charts and graphs”

“My product and marketing teams are not maximizing growth”

The Aryng Difference

Skills can be learned. But mindsets are changed when people get hands-on with a business problem. Companies need a common data analytics process and language. BADIR is our proprietary framework that combines data science with decision science to deliver impact. Our framework gives people the step-by-step on how to collaborate and make data-driven recommendations and better decisions.


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Multiple training

Professional certification

acap certified

BADIR 'Yellow Belt' Citizen Analyst

This certification is for Business Professional who want to make data-driven decisions by harnessing the power of data using a structured approach i.e. BADIR framework.

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acap certified

BADIR 'Green Belt' Digital Citizen Analyst Certification

This certification is for Business Professional who want to make data-driven decisions along with rolling out and analyzing large sacale tests by harnessing the power of data using a structured approach i.e. BADIR framework.

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 Digital Citizen Analyst

BADIR 'White Belt' Data Educated Certificatio

The BADIR 'White Belt' Data Educated Certification designation is the industry standard for individuals and corporations who want to take the first step towards the new digital world.

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BADIR certified

Aryng Certified Data Driven Executive

The Aryng Certified Data Driven Executive(ACDDE) is designed especially for CEOs and Executives looking to leverage the power of analytics to make smarter decisions for their organization: boost revenue, lower costs, improve efficiencies, and above all serve their customers better using data and analytics.

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acap certified

BADIR 'Black Belt' Data Scientist Certification

This certification is for lifelong learners who want to be THE go-to person for data science in their organization.

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Hands-on job-ready courses

Think with Data

This is an introductory course in Aryng's Citizen Analyst learning path and is the first step towards the journey of Data Literacy for an Individual. Prepare employees to understand and engage in the organization’s digital or data strategy

  • Develop curiosity for data
  • Framework for problem-solving with data
  • Develop Critical thinking
  • Data visualization

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Hands-On Business Analytics

This foundational analytics course uses MS Excel and the hypothesis-driven BADIRTM approach to address the four most common business analytics methodologies: aggregate analysis, correlation analysis, trend analysis and sizing/estimation.

  • aggregate analysis
  • correlation analysis
  • trend analysis
  • sizing/estimation

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Hands-on A/B Testing

Learn how to design controlled experiments when historical data isn’t sufficient to prove or disprove hypotheses with the BEDIR framework, using full factorial design and optimization using MS Excel.

  • Full Factorial
  • Fractional Factorial
  • Taguchi optimization
  • Practical approach

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Hands-on Predictive Analytics

Learn advanced inferential and machine learning algorithms. Get hands-on experience with the BADIR framework using open source tools, such as statistical tool R, coding language Python and Knime. Also get a flavor of the more advanced topics of AI, Deep Learning, and multi-layer neural networks.

  • linear regression
  • logistic regression
  • decision tree
  • neural networks
  • text analytics and k-means clustering

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Bob Berry

CEO, DPS Telecom

The workshop was really wonderful – and your insights on how to keep the entire set of stake holders involved from the get go were right on target.

But, I have to tell you, the material from the session today was over the top. And some of the information was stuff we already know, but was really displayed and demonstrated in such an actionable way – the “eye chart” which broke the Corporate Goal into the directly correlated actions was AWESOME. Additionally, the chart that broke the segments of Monetize, de-focus, clone, grow and showed them in a chart with separate action plans for each segment was again so Powerful. It was wonderful spending a little time with you and your team.

Anurag Pandit

Product Manager, Box Inc

Great course to refresh Critical skills.

Erad F

Partner Technology Manager, Google

I liked the inquiry to Real Business Question framework a lot. My favorite part was the role-playing, as it made it clear how the questions we get are complex to even understand, and [without the framework] will require a lot of work to get to the “Real business question.

Anji K

Data Management Analyst, PayPal

Thank you for taking time for training us , sharing your Experiences and Best Practices it really helped me. I am sure BA & BSA’s would benefit from this Training. Structured approach, Framework, Hands on case simulation & Testing… are key takeaways for me.

Ashok D

Business System Analyst, PayPal

I feel This training was great for me as I learned a structured approach in drafting right business questions, constructing an efficient analysis and data collection plan, and deriving actionable insights to aid the key business decisions. As being a ‘data’ guy assisting business leaders and key stake holders, I believe I can leverage the methodologies and practical techniques learned from this course to deliver results in a more concise and timely fashion and indeed I have started reaping out the benefits of this course already. I would recommend this course for anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge base in Analytics area with a great learning opportunity from the senior experts in this field of study.

Clarissa M

Business Development Manager, Box Inc

The Aryng workshop provided me with a framework for making better data-driven decisions.

Luke S

Business Intelligence Tech Lead, Google

I used the [Aryng’s Data Analytics] framework yesterday and it worked like a charm! Thanks Aryng.


Customer Success Manager, Box Inc

I left today MORE CONFIDENT than ever to CONQUER BIG DATA. Thank You.

Tauseef A

Data Analyst, eBay Inc

I really enjoyed and learned a lot. The hands on exercises were great. I found the training very useful specially in Extracting real Business question from the Users requirement, follow a framework for Analysis, laying out hypothesis and substantiating it with facts. Creating effective presentation and excellent tips for Excel. I am already using your framework to address and plan better the initiatives I am involved here. I can say that now whatever I am doing I am thinking through it in a more structured way. I highly recommend this training for my peers.

Ed Senko

Manager - Innovative Solutions, International Paper

“We engaged Aryng as we began our journey towards setting up Analytics Center of Excellence. Team Aryng was outstanding in quickly understanding our current analytics capabilities and helped us narrow down the analytics agenda. Based on the agenda, Aryng helped lay out the team structure and the specific analytics skills for the Analytics COE. I highly recommend hiring Aryng if you are in the process of setting up Analytics COE or developing internal analytics capability.”

Jin-Kyung K

Project Manager, Box Inc

I learned a lot today and feel more confident in my analytics abilities.

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