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Driving Growth through Data:

Spreedly's Partnership with Aryng

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About Spreedly

Spreedly is a payment orchestration pioneer that is transforming the payments ecosystem through its tokenization, payments vault, smart routing, optimization and orchestration capabilities.

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A FinTech pioneer was facing significant challenges in conversion, pricing and cost optimization while fielding data inconsistencies and lack of trust. Aryng’s Data Science Readiness Assessment helped isolate friction points in their current business processes and identified issues with fragmented data, data inaccuracy, redundant tools and absence of shared metrics.

  1. Resolved data issues by implementing a democratized Single Source of Truth (SSOT) with over 300 key metrics
  2. Developed a strategic data science roadmap for the business.
  3. Built KPI dashboards to monitor performance
  4. Implemented analytics capabilities to gain valuable insights
  5. Resulted in a revenue uplift of $8.4 million
  6. Minimized loss by $1.7 million


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What we did and produced

Aryng conducted a comprehensive data & tech assessment for Spreedly, addressing their challenges through a series of workshops:

  1. Data Science Strategic Roadmap & OKRs
  2. Connecting strategic initiatives with a measurement framework
  3. Creating an operational roadmap and establishing people and process planning along with a comprehensive technology roadmap.

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OKRs & their essentiality: a unique approach by Aryng

At Aryng, we harness the true power of OKRs by establishing an intricate connection between objectives, initiatives, and quantifiable results. Delving beneath the surface level to map OKRs to critical operational functions, we then leverage the KPI Dupont exercise to identify and capture key metrics that help define the SSOT.

  • Objective to Initiative Mapping: We define how objectives align with specific initiatives, ensuring a clear connection between the desired outcome and the work required to achieve it.
  • Influencing through Metrics: We emphasize quantifiable metrics to assess the impact of each initiative, allowing us to measure progress and anticipate the expected change accurately.
  • Cascading Alignment: Our OKRs cascade throughout the organization, starting with the top management's objectives, aligning team initiatives, and trickling down to individual metrics.
  • Goal Clarity and Efficiency: By distributing goals among sub-teams, we foster a collaborative environment where every team and individual understands their role in achieving organizational objectives.

Through our unique application of OKRs, Aryng empowers organizations to drive meaningful outcomes, effectively track progress, and achieve Success.

Experience the power of our unique OKR methodology by downloading our sample OKRs


Driving Results: Aryng's KPI Dupont Approach in Building SSOT

At Aryng, we utilize the KPI Dupont framework in a distinctive way to drive the development of a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) which refers to a centralized, reliable, and authoritative data repository that serves as the definitive reference for an organization.
Here's how we leverage KPI Dupont and SSOT to bring structure and coherence to the organization:

  • Identifies top KPIs and their drivers, allowing us to focus on fundamental metrics that have a significant impact on business operations.
  • Aligns teams on consistent business definitions, ensuring accuracy and alignment throughout the organization.
  • Establishes a hierarchy of metrics, indicating their importance and contribution to top-level KPIs.

“The KPI DuPont played a significant role in tying the business perspective to the overall project. It provided a “why” behind our efforts to improve data infrastructure and enabled us to focus on key drivers and metrics for the business.”

  • First, we employ the KPI Dupont framework to align the entire organization on a single business definition.
  • Once aligned, the SSOT framework is instrumental in integrating this unified definition into the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).
  • The SSOT framework ensures uniformity and consistency in data and business definitions across the organization.

This approach not only helps in developing a clear understanding of key metrics but also fosters uniformity and consistency throughout the organization, leading to enhanced decision-making and operational efficiency.

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Architecture & Execution

Discover how we partnered with Spreedly to revolutionize their data infrastructure and drive results.

  • Thorough data & tech stack assessment
  • Collaboration to define impactful OKRs
  • Expertise in data modeling for optimized performance
  • Critical recommendations for ETL process

Download the full case study to learn about the remarkable outcomes.


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Minimized losses by $1.7 million through optimized pricing and packaging

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Achieved incremental revenue of $1.8 million per year through improved conversion rates and advertising impact

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Identified strategic partnerships leading to a revenue boost of $6.6 million


The implementation of the new dashboards not only saved valuable time but also consolidated all the necessary information in one central location.The newfound efficiency and convenience have revolutionized the way Spreedly approaches analytics, providing them with the critical insights they need effortlessly

Through our data engineering work with Spreedly, we successfully developed two powerful dashboards that revolutionize cost attribution, ROI analysis, and revenue tracking.

  • Accurate cost attribution
  • Enables ROI analysis per business stream
  • Optimizes resource allocation
  • Saves time by consolidating information in one place

  • Provides a detailed, level-by-level business story
  • Offers comprehensive insights into business health
  • |dentifies growth opportunities
  • Supports data-driven decision-making

The implementation of the new dashboards not only saved valuable time but also consolidated all the necessary information in one central location. The newfound efficiency and convenience nave revolutionized the way Spreedly approaches analytics, providing them with the critical insights they need effortlessly

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Experience the power of our data-driven solutions and embrace a future
where informed decision-making becomes second nature.