Data literacy assessment

Data literacy is the ability to read, understand, and use data to drive decisions. Find your data literacy persona by taking this assessment.

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Q 1. Which of the following statements best describe your role in your company?

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Q 2. How has been your experience with Analytics?

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Q 3. How comfortable are you with these graphs?

(Graph A)
(Graph B)

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Q 4. Based on the information in Graph A, which campaign performed better?

(Graph A)

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Q 5. A marketing campaign was mailed to 30,000 people out of which 87% received it. Forty-five per cent of them opened their mails and out of that 20% clicked on the link. What is the CTR?

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Q 6. Which of the following statement best describes you?

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Q 7. Do you know when to use mean, median, or mode to understand what the data means?

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Q 8. Are you hands-on with analytics?

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Q 9. Are you able to download data in MS Excel or any other comparable software and manipulate it to answer questions like – what is the customer retention percentage by segments; which segments have the highest growth; what are the factors that drive growth; why is the revenue down for product A; what factors affect employee turnover rate, etc.?

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Q10. Can you build a regression model in R/Python/any other tool?