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Got Analytics? Nobody Cares! Here Is Why.

Often I start my analytics conference keynote addresses by asking the audience to share the issues they face in their organizations. For the past decade, in nearly every conference, the #1 problem cited by analysts and their managers has been the same:…

5 Must Knows About Analytics Career Transition

So you have heard about the hot new analytics field, the crazy demand for well-trained analysts and the great salary. You’ve decided to throw your hat in the ring. But before you go too far, you must know these 5 key things. Analytics Aptitude is a must for success. Just because […]

Why Your Career Path Depends On Analytics

In his recent book, “The Industries of the Future”, Alec Ross talks about data being the raw material of the information age in much the same way iron was the raw material of the industrial age. As a result, he says, those who control data access, who understand it and […]

A Business Analyst Is NOT A Business Analytics Professional

Surprised? Blame it on keywords! Here’s why.   Many looking to transition to the hot field of analytics search job boards with keywords such as “business analyst” or “analyst” instead of “analytics”. The problem is, the terms are not synonymous.   To make matters worse, some new companies and startups actually use the title […]

Don’t Hire That Director Of Analytics!

Don’t get me wrong. The Director of Analytics serves an important role in any organization. The analytics director is charged with: Laying out a strong analytics agenda to pinpoint which of the hundreds of questions that can be asked of data should be answered, and why; Building a strong, independent analytics team, […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Analytics Projects Fail

Whether you are a seasoned analyst or a business executive with a significant investment in analytics, chances are you’ve seen the powerful impact of analytics as well as the failures. So what drives an analytics project’s failure or success? Analytics projects fail when they produce no actionable insights. Even a seasoned […]

Improving Customer Satisfaction with Simple Analytics

Let’s say that you’re a customer service operations manager with a ton of data sitting on your desktop — customer service call stats, email data, customer satisfaction reports, etc. You’re staring at a mountain of customer shipping and delivery data,...