What are the different data literacy personas?

People’s reactions and interpretations of any information depend on their Data Literacy. The term implies the ability to read, digest, and interpret data toward meaningful discussions and conclusions. Data Literacy personas can be the current or the target data literacy level and are usually mapped to job functions and classes.

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These are the different data literacy personas in an organization:

Data Skeptics :They don’t believe in the value and power of analytics. They see analytics and data as a ‘burden’ to their work. They can derail any Data Literacy project unless carefully nurtured into becoming Data Enthusiasts. A good data awareness program is imperative in turning these skeptics into enthusiasts.

Data Enthusiasts :  They believe in the power of data. They are eager to learn more about how to use data and interpret it in their work. A good Data Literacy program could usher them and the company to new heights toward being data-driven.

Data Literates :They understand the analytics landscape and can be an active participant in discussions involving data. They are willing to hone up their analytics skills. A good recipe-based analytics program with hands-on practice on the most employed analytics techniques can take them and the company a long way toward being data-driven.

Citizen Analysts: They are data-driven employees who can solve 80% of their business problems using a structured approach to analytics and, in the process, align the stakeholders as well. They can get to an actionable solution and move the critical metrics for the company. Some Citizen Analysts can also be taught advanced analytics.

Data Scientists: They are well versed in advanced analytics methodologies. They can solve almost 100% of business problems using analytics. They are adept in using cutting-edge tools like R, Python, and SAS to manipulate data and build models. These Data Scientists are capable of aligning stakeholders toward an actionable solution and excelling at the data-driven decision-making process.

Data-driven Executives: They understand the power of analytics, which is the discovery and interpretation of meaningful patterns in data and their application for effective decision making. Data plays an integral role in the decision-making process. They hold their team accountable for their work and can understand when analytics has been executed in the right manner or not.

Data literate workforce is the need of an hour. If you want to know more about data literacy, then you can go through this link – Data Literacy

In conclusion, know that data literacy is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and understanding your target personas upfront would help you plan your data literacy journey well.


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