How to drive business impact with Custom Data Literacy Assessments?

Customize your data literacy assessments to align with your business strategy and goals in order to accelerate ROI from data literacy. This means tailoring assessments to the specific skills needed to drive real results.

3 Secrets to Creating Custom Data Literacy Assessments

Are you struggling to measure the impact of your data literacy assessments on your organization’s bottom line? What if there was a way to drive real impact & ROI by creating quick & easy custom data literacy assessments, with minimal investment? 

What does Data Literacy mean to your organization?

One of Yogi Berra’s many hilarious quotes goes something like this:

 “We’re lost..but we’re making good time!”

It is often hard to say where your data literacy assessments are taking you.

The reason is that most companies have not taken the time to answer the question, “what does data literacy mean to your organization and your business goals?”.

At Aryng, we define data literacy this way – a data-literate organization creates new business value through data.

Yet, when talking with heads of data literacy and DL academy leaders, most say they cannot show business value and that skill improvement somehow implies business value. If that were true, we would only hire “A” students.

Training can quickly become a check-the-box activity if you don’t know where your assessments are taking you.

Time for a different approach?

Align Data Literacy Assessments with your business strategy & drive ROI

Customize your data literacy assessments to align with your business strategy and goals in order to accelerate ROI from data literacy. This means tailoring assessments to the specific skills needed to drive results.

It is essential to assess more than technical skills. Data literacy is not achieved through individual performance. It is put into practice by small teams of business professionals and data experts working together on projects. Analytics process skills are essential to establish new ways of working across functions and domains.

Assess skills before you buy training. Know what you are shopping for.  Invest in the right skills at the right time. Save everyone time and money.

Four steps we use to create custom data literacy assessments:

Four steps we use to create custom data literacy assessments

Challenges of Creating Custom Assessments on Your Own

You may have thought twice about creating custom assessments independently.

  1. They can be expensive and take a long time. Consultants are often hired to do this when you need more expertise.
  2. Stakeholders have to invest a lot of their time. Hours of meetings to get their input. Then weeks of presenting recommendations and getting everyone to agree.
  3. You need to create a lot of exam questions. Data experts will need the time and motivation to write them or vet ones you can buy.

Step to create Custom Data Literacy Assessments

Here is the good news. We are going to share three of our rapid customization secrets.

3 Secrets to creating a quick custom DL assessment

One: Start with a high-quality list of hard and soft skills. For example, you can be skilled in data analytics. But it is easy to come to the wrong conclusions without critical thinking. Our Data Literacy Essential Skills bank has 65 skills across 5 categories. This is not an academic skills list. They come from working with people in hands-on data analytics initiatives. Each skill’s definition describes how it is used to deliver business impact.

Two: Give your stakeholders a fast, simple, easy way to agree on skills most important to driving business results. Our rapid skill sorting and decision-making tool facilitates group decisions.

We made this short video to show you how our customization process works.

Three: Each Essential Skill is tagged to questions in our exam bank. Data and learning experts have vetted questions. So creating custom exams is also quick and easy. Each exam question tests your ability to apply skills, not parrot back information.

Custom data literacy assessments should be relevant to your business goals. The process should save everyone time, engage the right people, and be easy to deploy. That is why we created a fast, simple, and engaging “DIY” toolkit with everything you need to customize your assessment in a few days.

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