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Whether you are new to analytics or seasoned analytics professional, a CEO looking to leverage data as an asset or a marketing manager looking for DIY tricks to start making smarter business decisions, our white-papers and downloads on fundamental analytics framework can help, so download now.

Analytics Maturity Quotient™ (AMQ)™ Framework

White paper

What differentiates companies mature in analytics, from those who are not there yet? How do companies mature through the analytics cycle? What are the key steps towards building an organization‘s analytics maturity? (Original Forbes blog can be found here). In this white-paper, we discuss the powerful AMQ framework to answer all these questions and more. Also included is a short DIY survey, which can be used to estimate an organization’s AMQ. Get access to full white paper by filling the form on this page.

Behind Every Good Decisions: Chapter 7 – Analytics and Leadership

Book Chapter

What is the role of leadership in building a data-enabled organization? What are the key attributes by which a leader can assess his/her own organization’s analytics maturity? What kind of analytics talent is needed to really compete on analytics? Chapter 7, of Behind Every Good Decision helps answer all this and more. Get access to the chapter FREE by filling the form on this page.

3 Key Analytics Questions to Ask Your BIG Data

White paper

Every organization is collecting data today, but very few know what to do with it. Part of the challenge is, organizations don’t know what to ask of data? Where to begin? They have made multi-million $ investments in instrumentation and collecting BIG data through hadoop-cluster, spitting out billions of rows and thousands of columns, but now what? Where to go next? (Original Forbes blog can be found here)
This white-paper lays out the 3-key question: How am I doing?, What drives my business?, Who are my customers, what are their needs? and the “MPC” approach to answering these questions. MPC is Aryng’s proprietary “3 pillar analytical framework” to align organizations towards the most critical KPI. The 3 pillars are: Measurement Framework, Portfolio Analysis, and Customer Analysis.Get access to full white paper by filling the form on this page.

BADIR™- 5-steps from “Data to Decisions”™

White paper

$120K incremental revenue identified with 2 hours of analysis

We did it, so can you! Using BADIR– Aryng’s 5-Step Data to Decisionsanalytics framework. In this white paper you’ll discover how leading organizations are successfully overcoming the data deluge by turning mountains of data from tools like Google Analytics (or any data tools for that matter) into valuable decisions that drive positive business results. We identified $120K incremental revenue for an Oregon based Winery and Wedding Events company using the 5-step BADIR framework with just 2 hours of analysis.

This white paper will walk you through the Winery example so you too can take the 5-step framework to your organization. Get access to full white paper by filling the form on this page.

The Five Myths of Predictive Analytics

White paper

Predictive Analytics is powerful, it can help you predict an event or a behavior at a an individual customer level. It can help you spot golden nuggets from the deep-wide-big data ocean; But is also one of the techniques which is not very well understood. With all the recent buzz about Predictive Analytics, it does seems like a new technique in the tool box. Is that so? Is it a crystal ball? Does it always work? In this white paper, we will ground ourselves in the reality of building and maintaining an impactful Predictive Model and exploring these and other myths.Get access to full white paper by filling the form on this page.

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