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Aryng follows a structured hypotheses-driven analytics approach to deliver quick insights and strong business impact to its consulting clients. All our projects have one common objective: getting our customers the biggest bang for their buck!

Aryng Consulting Services

Aryng’s consulting practice focuses on four primary areas: Assessment and Benchmarking, Strategic Consulting, Building the Analytics Team and Ask the Expert services.

The Analytics SWAT team at Aryng loves to solve high impact business problem with an aligned and actionable solution leveraging data and analytics. Our high impact engagements start with a diagnostic assessment where we understand the problem from every angle along with the organizational constraints and deliver a report with a proposed actionable solution. Our amazing past client success has led us to introduce Aryng’s guaranteed onsite Assessment program. With that, we provide 2-day onsite diagnostics to any analytics problem. We guarantee an assessment report post the onsite visit, with a clear line of sight to a viable actionable solution towards the problem. The problems we have worked on include revenue growth challenges, customer onboarding issues, customer churn, and retention issues, declining CSAT or NPS, fraud issues, declining customer base, conversion issues.

The assessment includes a 2-day onsite visit at the client site. We are so committed to delivering value that we provide a money-back guarantee if we aren’t able to create an aligned solution post the onsite visit.

To start your assessment project, contact us TODAY to avail 15 minutes of FREE consultation with our SWAT team.

Assessment and Benchmarking

Aryng’s Assessment and Benchmarking services help our clients understand their analytics gaps and how to clear the path for success, through:

  1. Analytics Maturity Assessment and Benchmarking (read more in this Forbes Article)
  2. Analytics Center of Excellence (COE) Skills and Process Assessment
  3. Project level assessment to identify gaps in achieving ROI and action plan development
Strategic Consulting

Aryng addresses your organization’s pain points by identifying the best data-driven solution, from roadmap to strategy to building models.Our past strategic consulting projects include:

  1. Helping a Fortune 500 Head of Product identify incremental revenue streams by unearthing the need for a new product
  2. Enabling a Fortune 100 sales organization to leverage internal data to negotiate better deals
  3. Helping a financial service CMO understand why it was losing customers by building a predictive churn model
  4. Expanding a Big Data IT company’s offering to their clients by empowering the engineering team with analytics training
  5. Helping a major consumer brand CIO define an analytics strategy and roadmap
Build the Analytics Team

For companies just getting into the analytics space and/or looking to establish their own Center of Excellence, Aryng offers consulting services and recruitment services to get you up and running quickly.

Aryng can help you with:

  1. Analytics Roadmaps: Aryng lays out the analytics roadmap for your organization and identifies skill gaps
  2. Candidate Interviews and Selection: Finding, screening and interviewing candidates based on skill needs identified
  3. Executive Recruitment and Screening: Helping you find the ideal “Head of Analytics” candidate
  4. Training: Training existing employees and new hires based on skills needed and gaps identified
Ask the Expert

Our “Ask the Expert” services help our clients get quick answers with a few hours of our consultants’ time without a contract and SOW. Book Aryng Founder Piyanka Jain’s calendar here for a 60-minute slot. For a complete list of our mentoring and coaching services, click here.

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Our Clients


Corporate workshop

Anurag Pandit

Product Manager, Box Inc

Great course to refresh Critical skills.

Corporate workshop

Ashok D

Business System Analyst, PayPal

I feel This training was great for me as I learned a structured approach in drafting right business questions, constructing an efficient analysis and data collection plan, and deriving actionable insights to aid the key business decisions. As being a ‘data’ guy assisting business leaders and key stake holders, I believe I can leverage the methodologies and practical techniques learned from this course to deliver results in a more concise and timely fashion and indeed I have started reaping out the benefits of this course already. I would recommend this course for anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge base in Analytics area with a great learning opportunity from the senior experts in this field of study.

Executive Workshop

Bob Berry

CEO, DPS Telecom

The workshop was really wonderful – and your insights on how to keep the entire set of stake holders involved from the get go were right on target.

But, I have to tell you, the material from the session today was over the top. And some of the information was stuff we already know, but was really displayed and demonstrated in such an actionable way – the “eye chart” which broke the Corporate Goal into the directly correlated actions was AWESOME. Additionally, the chart that broke the segments of Monetize, de-focus, clone, grow and showed them in a chart with separate action plans for each segment was again so Powerful. It was wonderful spending a little time with you and your team.

Corporate workshop

Tauseef A

Data Analyst, eBay Inc

I really enjoyed and learned a lot. The hands on exercises were great. I found the training very useful specially in Extracting real Business question from the Users requirement, follow a framework for Analysis, laying out hypothesis and substantiating it with facts. Creating effective presentation and excellent tips for Excel. I am already using your framework to address and plan better the initiatives I am involved here. I can say that now whatever I am doing I am thinking through it in a more structured way. I highly recommend this training for my peers.

Corporate workshop


Customer Success Manager, Box Inc

I left today MORE CONFIDENT than ever to CONQUER BIG DATA. Thank You.

Corporate Consulting

Saureen Adani

Head - Technology, Meltag

Aryng was a fantastic business partner. We were able to provide less ­than ­perfect concept backed by raw data and they helped us to enable rich, meaningful & actionable insights. Team Aryng has shown the ability to utilise different statistical approach to address business questions. CLTV modelling is one example that Aryng demonstrated innovation on the modelling framework. Meltag's engagement with Aryng was extremely fruitful and would recommend to anyone who need kick-ass analysis basis the business case.

Corporate Consulting

James B

VP - Engineering, IMVU Inc

IMVU engaged with Aryng for strategic guidance on scaling and improving our data infrastructure and analytics capabilities...the Aryng team exhibited the experience and gravitas required to provide excellent feedback and actionable suggestions that we are using to drive powerful changes in the ways we collect, analyze and use data throughout the company.

Corporate workshop

Anji K

Data Management Analyst, PayPal

Thank you for taking time for training us , sharing your Experiences and Best Practices it really helped me. I am sure BA & BSA’s would benefit from this Training. Structured approach, Framework, Hands on case simulation & Testing… are key takeaways for me.

Corporate workshop

Jin-Kyung K

Project Manager, Box Inc

I learned a lot today and feel more confident in my analytics abilities.

Corporate workshop

Luke S

Business Intelligence Tech Lead, Google

I used the [Aryng’s Data Analytics] framework yesterday and it worked like a charm! Thanks Aryng.

FREE Corporate Consulting

David Bernstein

VP Data and Analytics Advisory Division, eQuest

Don’t be fooled by the word, Trainee.  Aryng’s Trainees are nothing like a typical trainee or intern type of program.  The quality of the Aryng curriculum is clearly evident based both on the caliber of the student the program attracts as well from the how adroitly the Trainee was able to apply the concepts of what they had learned to eQuest’s business data.  Most importantly, the interpretation of the analysis was top-notch.  I look forward to continue working with future Trainee’s from Aryng.

Corporate workshop

Erad F

Partner Technology Manager, Google

I liked the inquiry to Real Business Question framework a lot. My favorite part was the role-playing, as it made it clear how the questions we get are complex to even understand, and [without the framework] will require a lot of work to get to the “Real business question.

Corporate workshop

Clarissa M

Business Development Manager, Box Inc

The Aryng workshop provided me with a framework for making better data-driven decisions.